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Taranaki Vista is required to comply with the Privacy Act 1993. with respect to this website.

For guidance I have used the "Fact Sheet Number 2. Information Privacy Principles" obtained from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.


It is not our aim to collect personal information. If you send us an email the program will store your email address for the purpose of reply. If you register in our guest book the details you enter will be stored. A non-identifying record of visit may be used for statistical purposes. We would like to know how many people visit and when the busy times are.
The purpose of our site is to give you a magnificent view of Mount Taranaki using a live streaming webcam, and still photographs.


The purpose of this policy is to promote and protect individual privacy with regard to the collection, use, storage, access and disclosure of information relating to individuals. This policy also establishes procedures to ensure this happens.

The Twelve Principles of Privacy

Principle 1:

The information is collected for a lawful purpose, to enable us to reply to your message and/or send information that you request.

The information is neccessary. If a reply is in order we need to know information such as your email address.

Principle 2:

The information must be collected directly from the individual concerned. If you send a message to us it is your return address that will be collected.

Principle 3:

When we collect personal information direcly from you please be aware that we are collecting it. We believe that by sending us a message you expect us to store your return address for the purpose of reply. We believe that this expectation is reasonable in the terms of The Act with respect to Principle 3. Information collected will not be passed on to anyone else without your explicit instruction. If you want your information passed on you will have to do it yourself. By sending information to us we expect that we are the intended recipient. If you send us information that is not intended for us please let us know as soon as possible.  Whist we are not actively seeking personal information we are collecting it. You can find the contact details for Taranaki Vista elsewhere on this site. Provision of information to us is voluntary. If you do not provide personal information to us the consequences will be nil. You have the right under the Act to access and correct your personal information we hold.  If we get your email address wrong you  may have it corrected or deleted at your instruction.

The steps in Principles 1, 2, & 3 apply before the information is collected, at the time of collection or as soon as possible after collection.

We believe that by sending us a message you authorise us to have your reply address and that by filling in a form that you authorise us to collect the information in the form.

We are not collecting personal information about you for a public agency which wants to use it to enforce or uphold the Law, protect the Tax Base, or assist in court or tribunal proceedings.

Principle 4:

We do not intend the method of collection of personal information to be unlawful, unfair, unreasonable or to intrude upon your personal affairs. Submission of personal information is entirely voluntary.

Principle 5:

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information is protected against loss, misuse and disclosure. Everything reasonable will be done to prevent unauthorised use or disclosure of the information.

Principle 6:

The information is held in a way that cannot be readily retrieved.

You can obtain confirmation of whether your information is held but you can have access to it  only with  a specific  personal request. Our address book is subject to all the security we can muster.

Principle 7:

Everyone is entitled to request correction of their own personal information.  We will do our best to comply with your request to have your information corrected.

Principle 8:

We do not intend to disclose personal information. When we use personal information we will take all reasonable steps to see that it is correct. Obviously if the address is wrong you will not get the message so we will do our best.

Principle 9:

We will not keep personal information longer that needed for the purpose for which it was collected. As a general principle If an email address is not used in two years it will be expunged. Personal information will be deleted imediately at your request. We would rather spend our time doing Art projects than managing your personal information. We will hold only as little information as we have to. Information relating to purchases must be held for the period required by Inland revenue.

Principle 10:

Personal information collected for one purpose must not be used for another. Of course there is a list of exceptions which I must mention.

Personal information can be used in situations where the agency (us) holding the personal information believes on reasonable gounds that

  • The use is one of the purposes for which the information was collected
  • The use is directly related to the purpose the information was collected for
  • The Agency got the information froma publicly available publication
  • The individual concerned has authorised the use
  • The use is neccessary for a public sector agency to collect the information to uphold or enforce the law, protect the tax base, or assist court or tribunal procedings
  • The use is neccessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to public health or safety or the life or health of any individual
  • The individual concerned is not identified ; or
  • The use is authorised by the Privacy Commissioner under Section 54.

Principle 11:

Personal Information must not be disclosed. The list of exceptions is very similar to those in Principle 10 with the addition that disclosure is neccessary to facilitate the sale of a business as a going concern.

Principle 12: Unique Identifiers

Unique Identifiers - such as IRD numbers, Bank customer numbers, Drivers licence and Passport Numbers must not be assigned to individuals unless this is neccessary. We do not want to hold and store these. If it is neccessary to use your bank number or GST number this will be used at the time only and must be provided each time.  Your email address could be conceived to be an unique identifier. This will be used for the purpose of sending email.

Privacy Officer

At the recommendation of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner Rhyton Partners and the Taranaki Vista project have a privacy officer. Of course the identity of this person cannot be diclosed publicly. Please contact me through the "contact us" page.

Advertisers and Links

Advertisers on this site may collect information. This is not covered by this policy. If you click on an advertisment or a link you will be off this site and the rules of the new site will apply.

Updated 19 July 2007