08 May 2010


The Submissions time has been extended and is now due on Wednesday 26 May.
The National Government of New Zealand is currently going through the process to enable legislature that will open up
conservation land for the purpose of mining.
This land is currently protected under schedule 4 of the Crown Minerals Act for the purpose of conservation. These areas are beautiful and harbour some of Aotearoa/New Zealand's most precious, and endangered, flora and fauna. The Government once they have made their changes to legislature will sell off the mining rights to the top overseas buyer for a one off payment to help ease their short term monetary woes. New Zealanders will lose these areas forever. One of the biggest marches in recent New Zealand history occurred in Auckland on Saturday 1st May 2010. Organised by
Greenpeace, and other organisations, a body of 50,000 people swallowed Queen Street and marched to show their
opposition these plans. At Taranaki Vista we urge people to get on board and help oppose the Governments plans. Put a submission into the Government showing your opposition or sign a petition against mining. The Green Party at

www.greens.org.nz or www.greenpeace.org.nz

already have submission forms available to be emailed in immediately straight to the Government; it's so easy and will show the National Party that the people of New Zealand are against mining.


New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has made it clear through his recent comments that the New Zealand Government intends to support commercial whaling quotas at the next International Whaling Commission meeting in June. This is against the long held values of many New Zealanders that one whale killed for supposed "scientific" research is one whale too much. The Australian Government has already indicated that they intend to stand against any form of commercial whaling as they always have whereas John Key now going to condone the killing of these endangered innocent animals. The Green Party has excellent material on their website at www.greens.org.nz including petitions to sign, as does Greenpeace

at www.greenpeace.org.nz .

Please visit these sites if you are concerned about this National Government's undermining of New Zealand's long held core values of conservation and preservation, and especially "No to Whaling"!