28 March 2009

Otaraua Hapu Land Occupation continues - Update 6th April : Members of the Hapu are prepared for a long occupation in their efforts to prevent Greymouth Petrloeum from laying a pipeline under a major waahi tapu.

From the 28th March 2009 -  "The press release put out by the company yesterday shows us just how big a gap there is in understanding " says, spokesman, David Doorbar.
" We might as well be talking a different language".

The roadside camp occupied by Otaraua hapu is now wired up to the world with a landline phone connection.
The hapu are protesting Greymouth Petroleum’s plans to lay a pipeline beneath a major waahi tapu in Tikorangi, inland from Waitara.

“We are prepared for the long haul,” says spokesperson, Donna Eriwata.
“We have a communal tent shelter, a camper van for our kuia to sleep in, a portable toilet,
a contained campfire and now the phone.
Mobile reception here is poor so the landline is important.
We are determined to stay here as long as it takes to get the company listening to us.
Fortunately our marae is just down the road so that makes it easier to feed our hapu members and
to give back up support to those who are spending 24 hours a day peacefully protesting against this petrochemical company.”