22 November 2008

3rd - 7th December - Snowchange Aotearoa 08 - an International symposium at Owae Marae, Waitara, North Taranaki.

An international symposium looking at climate change.
The four day event ”Snowchange 2008” is devoted to Indigenous and local peoples discussions around the crucial themes of climate and
ecological changes from their own perspectives.

Several Indigenous and local delegations will attend the fourth Snowchange Conference.
Confirmed delegations from Inuit of Canada, Gwitchin of Canada, Snowchange Finns, Aboriginals from Australia, several Chukchi,
Yukagir, Even and Evenki participants from Sakha-Yakutia as well as large Maori participation and different
international scientific institutions and conservation agencies.

The kaupapa of Snowchange  is to research the implications of change on indigenous knowledge –
specifically, indigenous peoples in the Arctic Circle.