28 April 2008

28 04 08 - Many images of the Mountain exist - I attended the North Taranaki Women's Institute Arts Festival.

The main Women's Institute banner.

a smaller banner made in 1932 - also on display.

28 04 2008 - I attended the North Taranaki District Federation of Women's Institute Arts Festival in Waitara. I was there as the judge of the Creative Art section. The theme for the Festival was Autumn. On display were the Institute banners - the banners displayed had the same view of the Mountain that we have online. The banners are very beautiful, they are handpainted and embroidered. They are also very traditional in the Women's Institute groups.  I also really enjoy seeing where the banners are hung and placed on the walls - the main big banner was hung in the Foyer of the Waitara Memorial Hall directly under the No Smoking sign. - it felt poignant. The 1932 banner was hung from a very large nail. I enjoy taking photographs at these Festivals. Fiona.