16 April 2008

14th April - Giant snails - Ngata, Powelliphanta, have been confirmed to be on the main cone of Mt.Taranaki in Egmont National Park.

A large population of giant snails - Ngata, Powelliphanta has been discovered in Egmont National park.

Surveys done by Department of Conservation staff confirm the Powelliphanta snails are living on Mt. Taranaki. They are the first to be discovered in the park since the 1970's, when they were found on the Pouakai Ranges near the northern reaches of the Round the Mountain Track. The giants, which grow up to 90mm in diameter, were thought to be restricted to the track area. But now they have been found on Mt. Taranaki's main cone as well.

DOC's biodiversity assets manager Jim Clarkson says people should be careful not to tread on the snails as they are endangered.