24 May 2013

what are they trying to hide?. 24 May 2013

Today I was visited by 2 members of the Waitara police. One of the policemen issued me with a trespass notice from Paul Gerard Bourke. Paul is land owner of the Todd energy Mangahewa C well site. I took a series of images of him on the site, his farmland. I had his permission when I took the images.

To serve a Trespass notice is a total hostile act.

The images and trespass notice can be viewed at


I must ask what is in these images to cause concern. Did Todd Energy take offense at my presence and my work - funny that - as Todd Energy have funded the Len Lye centre for $ 3 million on the site of the Govett Brewster Art Gallery.  As an artist who has had one person shows, the collection holds at least 20 of my artworks work at the Govett Brewster Art Gallery - what is really happening here?

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