17 February 2013

2013 Open Climb on Taranaki - The annual Open Climb event for the public will be held on February 23rd 2013

The reserve day will be Sunday February 24th.

This from the clubs web site - Registrations are now full for the Open Climb.This year the club has had a huge response to the Open Climb.
If you arrive at Tahurangi Lodge with your paper registrations this will slow down the process of placing you in parties while we process them. It will really speed things up if you get those details back to us.

Check out:


Open Climb Day
On the climb day.

1. You pay $20 at Tahurangi Lodge when you arrive.
2. You hand your Personal Details form into the desk.
3. If you are missing any information you will need to write it in at Tahurangi Lodge before you can leave.