About This famous mountain - This live web cam project - Taranaki Vista

Mount Taranaki - Egmont
North Island, New Zealand

39.30 S, 174.07 E
summit elevation 2518 m
Strato volcano

Mt Taranaki is an isolated cone in SW of the North Island of New Zealand. The volcano has a history of avalanches and lahars, produced from explosive eruptions.

Taranaki is the second tallest mountain on the North Island.

1655 Eruption
The Burrell Lapilli eruption of Mt Taranaki in 1655 produced a small lava dome effusion followed by an explosive sub-plinian phase that covered over 200 sq km of New Zealand's central North Island in tephra. Transition from effusive to explosive eruptions at andesitic volcanoes is determined by factors such as dyke propagation and sealing, degree of fractionation of magma, and magma ascent rate and magma volume.

Taranaki is geologically young, having commenced activity approximately 135,000 years ago. The most recent volcanic activity was the production of a lava dome in the crater and its collapse down the side of the mountain in the 1850s or 1860s.[7] Before that, a moderate ash eruption occurred about 1755, of the size of Ruapehu's activity in 1995/1996, and the last major eruption occurred around 1655. Recent research has shown that over the last 9000 years minor eruptions have occurred roughly every 90 years on average, with major eruptions every 500 years.

Taranaki Volcano Eruptions

1850 - 1860's, 1755, 1655, 1500, 1480, 1400, 550?, 520, 40 BC, 1160 BC, 1250 BC, 1330 BC, 1350 BC, 2310 BC, 2450 BC, 2650 BC, 2750 BC, 3050 BC, 5020 BC, 6050 BC.


The Taranaki Vista project is run by The Rhyton Project.

Fiona Clark is The Artist.

The project advances landscape art by incorporating the dimension of time.  This is the first step toward live art in peoples' homes, made possible now as new technology is adopted.


This project is supported and funded by iTaranaki and Creative New Zealand.


The camera is IQeye 755. This can make a 5 Megapixel image. The camera is capable of sending more data than the bandwidth currently available can handle. Choose a size of picture and a frame rate that suits your connection.


The Gallery of Still pictures is available in the Gallery SectionFiona has a range of cameras that she uses.

Google Map - Location of Mount Taranaki